Some rare Paleolithic artifacts from Asia

I love Stone Age artifacts. And I have some nice and unusual samples in my private collection. Now I’ll show you some of’em. Small post. OK?

When I was a very young boy, I saw BBC documentary about early African hominids and their ability to make tools. Imagine a pebble, just a simple stone. And they contrive to crack it into two peaces to use them as a cutting tools. Moreover, these early hominids were able to sharpen their cutters. And it was more than two MILLION years ago!

I was fascinated with that!  And later, I’ve become a passionate stone tools collector.

The most ancient tools in the World come from Africa. But we also have some nice and old samples in Asia.

All the stones here are genuine (I hate replicas) and were collected by the Soviet archaeologcal expeditions.

This is an Acheulean tool found near the city of Kyzyl, Tuva Republic in Russia.

That’s the pointIt was sharp once.

The material is jasper, but it doesn’t look as jasper. Why? The answer is simple – patination. Patina may change coloration dramatically. All old tools have it.

This tool is heavily patinated. It’s believed to be more than 350 000 years old! In some places, patination has natural cracklings.

Now go to younger and more advanced samples.

Some middle paleolithic artifacts from the spots near Ikhkhet village, Ikhkhet sum (district), Dornogovi Province, south-eastern Mongolia.

Screapers of different types

Levallois technique from Mongolia

More crude tool. Look how archaic it looks!

Discoid core halfs

This one is made from agate.

Now go to some Upper Paleolithic artifacts. These are also from Mongolia. But from the younger site.

Cores of different types

Look how beautiful this prismatic core is! It’s jasper. Coloration is fine!

Upeer Paleolithic screapers

A part of collection stored in standart 2,5″ paper boxes.

I think that’s it for today. Thank you for watching. Hope I’ll make another part soon.

PS (A Post about Oldowan, Acheulean and MP in Russian with pictures)


1 thought on “Some rare Paleolithic artifacts from Asia

  1. Extremely fascinating material, thank you for sharing 6090M01. It is very nice to see pictures of Paleolithic Artifacts from Mongolia and the Tuva Republic. That have been made available for everyone in the world to view and enjoy.
    The type of stone material of the Levallois scraper is quite a beautiful specimen. Great colorations and style. The jasper prismatic core is also quite beautiful and well shaped. The multiple Upper Paleolithic scrapers are also very interesting. Several of the scrapers remind me of Native American (USA) stone tools known as a Thumb Scrapers. It is fascinating to see how stone tools made by ancient humans and early homo species from different parts of the world can look similar at times or completely distinct and unique.
    You have an amazing collection. Thank you again for sharing the pictures and for sharing how you became fascinated with Paleolithic artifacts and history.

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